Friday, June 19, 2015

Reflection on Tree Planting

What an emotional day.  I think the anticipation was worse than the actual day.  Funny how our mind works us up sometimes.  At least that would be Tony's words to me.  Always had the right things to say.  I miss him terribly......
We had about 60 people join us on a very warm sunny day.  We had the BBQ going and lots of food for everyone.  The parking lot was full of family and many friends who cared for Tony.  With the word friends, I include the employees, customers and suppliers that joined us that day.

For those who couldn't make it, here's a prayer said my our dear friend Rosemary and some photos.   I did not get a good shot of me and my boys.  On my to do list....

"On behalf of the Gemmiti Family, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to be here and celebrate the planting of this tree.  Tony had always wanted a tree to be replanted here for his staff to sit under for their enjoyment.  So, today, we take comfort in fulling Tony's wish.
There was a saying that Mary had put in her blog that has stayed with me and has inspired me.  some of may remember it.
And that is what Tony did.  He kept strong for all of us.  His strength and courage helps us go on.  But these words are more true for Mary, Michael & Robert as this past year has gone by.  Strong is the choice they have made.  Tony is looking down with love and pride on them.  Hold true to these words, Mary, Michael & Robert.  Tony's life was an inspiration for us all.  So, we celebrate his life in the planting of this tree."


Our Father, we thank Thee for Trees! We thank Thee for the trees of our childhood in whose shade we played and read and dreamed; for the trees of our schooldays, the trees along the paths where friendship walked.  We thank thee for special trees which will always stand large in our memory because for some reason of our own they became our trees.  We thank Thee for the great stretches of trees which make the forests.  May we always stand humbly before Thy trees and draw strength from them as they, in their turn, draw sustenance from Thy bounties of earth and sun and air.
(Written by, Margueritte Harmon Bro)

Thank you to all that joined us in presence and in spirit.  Feel free to come check out this tree at our offices.  It's the only one on the island in the grass in the parking lot.  A beautiful Oak tree.

Gemmiti Family

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